Siren Song Like a War Cry

a plea to liberals
August 4, 2009, 11:07 pm
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 The system was built broken. It was founded on the notion of white supremacy and patriarchy. The founding fathers that are hailed in elementary schools from Los Angeles to New York City were slave owners, wife beaters and alcoholics. These men are glorified for the sake of the continuation of the capitalist doctrine that this nation was created under. It was created to serve the interests of white men to the destruction of all else. 


For capitalism to exist, there must people in poverty. There must be people starving to death, willing to work at menial service jobs for minimum wage, for capitalism to succeed. Capitalism is rooted in death, and no form of reform is going to eradicate that fact completely.


You are working to change a system that is broken. Every vote we cast places a new puppet in office that will make the same mistakes as their predecessors. Every president, Democrat or Republican, has made a grievous error during their presidency that has placed not only the American people in danger of life and limb, but the global population at risk. While you shop calmly for your groceries, carefully contemplating organic versus inexpensive, there is an arms race being conducted by world powers that set us poised on the edge of complete annihilation. 


Regardless of the reformist laws passed through slanted courtrooms by bought politicians and hired lobbyists, there will always be conversations conducted by powerful officials behind locked doors discussing matters of national security, discussions that determine the fate of the world, without a single citizen knowing of the decision. 


When we vote to elect someone into office, we are placing our fates into an entirely fallible human being, without thought or consideration to the potential outcome of our decision. This is a republic, not a democracy. We have no direct control over the actions, decisions or path of our government. 


Who are you choosing to trust? 


This is no longer a matter of politicians and sex scandals. Our lives hang in the space between the pen and the paper. A system that is broken will always be broken. We can only wipe the world clean and begin anew. 


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capitalism isn’t in crisis, capitalism IS the crisis!

words are weapons. you write like war.

Comment by Dirty Hands

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